Robert Burke Warren is a writer, performer, teacher, and musician. His 2016 debut novel, Perfectly Broken, is out now. He’s the music editor for the essay site The Weeklings, he’s ghost-written for Gregg Allman and his liner notes appear on the award-winning CD Live at Caffe Lena. He’s written for Salon, Paste, Texas MusicBrooklyn ParentThe Woodstock Times, The Rumpus, The Good Men Project, The Bitter SouthernerChronogram, the Da Capo anthology The Show I ‘ll Never Forget and Rolling Stone Press’ Trouble Girls. His songs appear on albums by Rosanne Cash and rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson, and The Roots used his tune “The Elephant In the Room” as John McCain’s entrance theme on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. One upon a time, he performed the lead in the West End musical Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story. Prior to that he traveled the world as a bass player. You can find his songs – as RBW and as Uncle Rock – on cdbaby.com, Spotify, iTunes and rogue internet sites.

You can find him on Facebook by clicking HERE, and Twitter HERE.


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  1. hi, thank you for your wonderful blog. today, i find myself remembering a friend of mine from many many years ago in atlanta, lanny. when i knew him, he was known by the drag personna, ‘cherry snow’. i once met rupaul via lanny, but i can’t recall lanny’s connections with ru. do you remember lanny or know of him. just curious.
    many thanks,

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for writing and for the kind words. I’m afraid I don’t know Lanny, at least not by name. When I lived in NYC, and especially when I worked in the bars, I met and got to know lots of folks without ever learning their names. At the time, it seemed cool, like it made us all more free. But now I wish I’d kept track more. Some of the most indelible people I have no names for. Alas.
      Thanks again. Hope this finds you well…

    • Jim,
      Cherry can be found here and there in Nelson Sullivan’s archives. Flloyd still speaks highly of Cherry. Here is a quick link to some clips with him. May you enjoy seeing your friend again.



  2. Hey Robert
    You marvelously played my daughters bday in tivoli ny a few years ago.
    Red Hook PTA wants to book you.
    FaceBook won’t let me join (lol).
    What is a good email to contact you ?
    Thanks, Andy

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