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Redheaded Friend


Todd and RBW, circa 1979 pic by Susanna Hernandez-Gray

Hello there, dear Solitude & Good Company Followers,

I hope you’ve all been well. These last 15 months (!!) I’ve been busy with a project I’m excited about: Redheaded Friend: A Coming-of-Age Song Cycle. It’s a tribute to my friendship with Todd Butler, one of the most important relationships of my life. It encompasses everything I do: writing, acting, singing, songwriting, and playing guitar and bass. I debuted it as a theater piece in April. If you’re a social media contact, you know about this. For those of you who are holdouts and/or have left social media in disgust (I get it), Redheaded Friend is a one-man show with music – i.e. musical memoir – and a forthcoming album, which I’m hoping you can help me finish.

I’ll cut to the chase. Please check out my Indiegogo campaign HERE. It explains everything. It ends in FOUR DAYS (i.e. Saturday, Nov. 23rd). If you can pre-buy the music, fantastic. If you can give more, even better. You’ll see I am SO CLOSE. (96% at this writing.) ANY AMOUNT is much appreciated. One person gave $1,000. Another gave me $5. Several total strangers donated $50, one from Sweden, another from South Korea. All good.

Curious about the music? I’ve posted a couple mixes-in-progress on my Soundcloud page – At the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Defy Gravity – and I made a video of Painting a Vast Blue Sky.

I’m performing the show again at my local theater the Phoenicia Playhouse this week, so I’ve been doing press and radio. You can listen to an interview I did on our local NPR affiliate WAMC HERE.

This is the first time I’ve put RBW music into the world in 15 years. I’m eager to share it all. Please help if you can.

Thanks so much!

sound as ever





Giving Thanks By Giving Back


Queens Galley Soup Kitchen, Kingson, NY

Hello all,

My article in the November Chronogram Kids & Family section is “Giving Thanks Bu Giving Back: Teaching Kids Gratitude.” It was a fun assignment, sending me to the Queens Galley soup kitchen in Kingston, and putting me in touch with folks who do great work. Angels, in fact. Flinty, funny, ass-kicking angels. Below is the first paragraph and a link to the article. Please enjoy.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

Ask a parent how many times they’ve said to their kid, “Say thank you!” and they will be unable to tell you. Gratitude, it turns out, is not innate, yet a sense of entitlement is. And both the former and the latter are, arguably, essential in the modern world. Yet, while moms and dads want confident kids who feel deserving of life’s pleasures, they don’t want to release more ungrateful tyrants into society (well, most don’t). How can parents offer crucial perspective to their young ones, a philosophy that shows a child’s connectedness to his fellows and his specialness?

… more HERE