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Giving Thanks By Giving Back


Queens Galley Soup Kitchen, Kingson, NY

Hello all,

My article in the November Chronogram Kids & Family section is “Giving Thanks Bu Giving Back: Teaching Kids Gratitude.” It was a fun assignment, sending me to the Queens Galley soup kitchen in Kingston, and putting me in touch with folks who do great work. Angels, in fact. Flinty, funny, ass-kicking angels. Below is the first paragraph and a link to the article. Please enjoy.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

Ask a parent how many times they’ve said to their kid, “Say thank you!” and they will be unable to tell you. Gratitude, it turns out, is not innate, yet a sense of entitlement is. And both the former and the latter are, arguably, essential in the modern world. Yet, while moms and dads want confident kids who feel deserving of life’s pleasures, they don’t want to release more ungrateful tyrants into society (well, most don’t). How can parents offer crucial perspective to their young ones, a philosophy that shows a child’s connectedness to his fellows and his specialness?

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End-of-Summer Roundup


First hot chocolate of the season

Friends, Roamers, Countryfans,

Although the first day of Autumn is two weeks away, it already feels like the end of Summer in the Catskills. Labor Day has come and gone, linen shirts are going back in storage, scarves are airing out on the clothesline, and Jack starts his sophomore year at Onteora High School this coming Monday. And it’s cold, frost warning just north of us. It’s Autumn.

So, especially for those of you averse to social media (mainly Facebook), where I post much of my writing, I offer below a round-up of some of my Summer work. These past few months, I wrote quite a bit for Rural Intelligence and Chronogram‘s new Kids and Family section (more of that to come). For RI, I got to chat with some really fascinating folks; Benh Zeitlin, the director/co-writer/co-composer of Beasts of the Southern Wild, my favorite movie from last year; singer-songwriter Shawn Mullins, who survived stardom and thrives on the troubadour circuit; and Dan Stepner, whose Aston Magna Festival features musicians performing classical pieces on period instruments, as the masters intended. (All below.) I did some freelance stuff too, some liner notes, even a little ghostwriting. And I’m still working on my novel (more of that to come, too).

For now, please enjoy these pieces at your leisure. Click on the titles and off you go.  Thanks for reading. Feedback always welcome.

Protesting with Mom n’ Pop

In which I interview three families who involve their kids in protests in different and interesting ways.


photo by Scott Langley

(more of Scott’s fantastic photos at ScottLangleyPhoto.com)

Stage Moms, Soccer Dads, Stressed Kids

In which I interview a couple moms and a psychologist about walking – and sometimes crossing – the line between being encouraging and irritating when setting kids up with extracurricular activities.


Illustration by Celia Krampien

Where the Wild Things Are: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Live at MASS MoCA

a conversation with the great Behn Zeitlin, on the eve of performance of his movie music at MASS MoCA


Thriving On the Outskirts of Fame: Shawn Mullins Returns to Infinity Hall

a conversation with Shawn Mullins before his gig at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, Ct.


The Aston Magna Festival: As the Masters Intended

a conversation with Dan Stepner, director of the Aston Magna Festival at Bard College


The Great Marin Marais, a rock star in his time