Not A Misspent Youth Part 8: Wee Wee Pole and me in Marietta, Ga., 1983, More of The Strand

YouTuber rottingtapes has been busy cleaning up and uploading a VHS performance of Wee Wee Pole, featuring RuPaul & the U-Hauls, at The Strand, circa June, 1983. (Thank you, rottingtapes!) After some chit chat, we play our “banned from WRAS” song “Body Heat.” (First clip, of the song “Hips,” uploaded HERE.) That’s Todd on guitar and Casio (see also HERE and HERE), Gina and Chrissy, aka the U-Hauls, moaning and screaming, percussionist David Klimchak adding flava, and that’s me on bass in my BSA T-shirt, weighing in at about 155 pounds.

Please note the fan who says that she skipped work and ignored a migraine to come see us. Such love.


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