I Am A Weekling

Ahoy there,

Hoping this finds everyone hale and hearty and looking back on an 2012 with a healthy mix of “that was pretty good” and “let’s move the hell on, shall we?”

2012 brought much richness into my life. Among the more pleasant events was my becoming a Weekling. The Weeklings is a great blog begun by my friend, Greg Olear, author of, among other things, Fathermucker. (Which I wrote about here.) The Weeklings posts at least one piece a day, and I’m happy to count a few friends among the contributors. When Greg asked me to contribute, I was happy to jump in with A Post Apocalyptic Reader, an essay comparing and contrasting four of the many speculative novels I’ve read in which the End Of Days actually happens. It’s a thing with me. I’m looking forward to more writing for them in 2013.

Please enjoy my Post Apocalyptic Reader by clicking HERE.


Thanks for reading Solitude and Good Company this year. WordPress sent me a year-end round-up and I’ve received hits from 56 countries, which is mind blowing. Wherever you are, please know I appreciate it.


See you on the other side.



January 31st, 2012

Phoenicia, NY


One response to “I Am A Weekling

  1. Hi Robert, HAPPY NEW YEAR. I found WORLD MADE BY HAND at a guesthouse in Pai, Thailand and read it. Enjoyed it very much. Couldn’t get into THE ROAD even tho’ it was supposed to be so great.
    Your blog is inspiring me….maybe I’ll post something today to start the day right.

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