Rockin’ the Book World – Joe Stefko, Meat Loaf/Turtles/John Cale drummer-turned-book-publisher

Fine Books & Collections magazine hired me to write about drummer-turned-Charnel House book publisher Joe Stefko, a truly fascinating guy. Joe toured the world with Meat Loaf during the heady Bat Out of Hell days, then went on to play with the Turtles, among many other gigs. Over several cups of coffee in his lovely Catskill farmhouse, he regaled me with his story, which goes from quitting John Cale’s band after Cale beheaded a chicken onstage (Stefko is a longtime vegetarian and frankly, not THAT crazy) to shopping for rare books with Flo & Eddie, to learning how to craft handmade limited editions. Joe even has an original, signed Lord Byron volume, which he allowed me to hold. It was a great day.

Sadly, due to word count, the chicken episode (and several others) didn’t make the final cut. But Joe, a born raconteur, is working on a memoir. Looking forward to that.

To enjoy the piece, please click HERE.

Joe Stefko

Joe Stefko


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